VIDEO: Robbie Williams regrets hitting on 15-year-old Gold Coast teen

Well this is awkward.

Robbie Williams has been left red faced after he flirted with a fan during his recent Brisbane concert. Problem was the fan he was hitting on was only 15-years-old.

Gold Coast girl Morgan Ward was attending the concert with her mum to celebrate her birthday when the English singer made a comment that she had a “secretary look”.


“I love the secretary look…. Which reminds me, I really do need to clear my browsing history,” he said.

“How old are you today Morgan? Fifteen? Oh (expletive), that joke just …

“Don’t put that up on YouTube. It’ll be on YouTube and then it’ll be in the newspapers and then I’ll get arrested. Stay away from boys like me, Morgan!”

After digging himself a big hole, Robbie the decides to get on with the show and dedicates ‘She’s The One’ to the teen, telling her: “If you can suspend disbelief for a bit and pretend I’m not 41, this one is for you.”

A video of the incident has of course gone viral. Take a look at it above.