VIDEO: See the moment Lisa Wilkinson gets hit on the head by a collapsing tent on the Today Show

Lisa Wilkinson was almost wiped out on the Today show this morning, when a tent she and Karl Stefanovic were sitting under collapsed on top of them.

The 55-year-old copped the brunt of the marquee which came crashing down while she was doing a live cross from Parliament House in Canberra.

Karl tried to stop the tent from collapsing any further, saying ‘It’s all right Lisa I saved you’.


Once it was somewhat stabilised, the morning news host joked that it was probably the most interesting thing to happen that morning.

“It was just the most interesting thing that’s happened all morning was this thing falling down on Lisa’s poor old head. Lisa, are you OK?,’ Karl said.

‘That seriously hurt!’, Wilkinson responded.

‘Very high winds here in Canberra at the moment. We are waiting for something to happen. In the meantime, can I just say, these little things they put together in order to protect us from the elements, well, they don’t work,’ she added.