VIDEO: Sunrise banished from Hamilton Island by Taylor Swift

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She is not that important anyway Don’t feed her ego!! Report on more important things..

Good, let the girl have a holiday with her family without media all over her.

Get over it, haven’t you ever heard of HOLIDAY, it means a break away. She has been generous with everything she has done, so let her have a break on a beautiful AUSTRALIAN Island and enjoy it. Tourism will love her for it! Did you go to one of her concerts? Did you see what a great role model she is for our your girls? For you to say “in your 20 years of journalism…..” Well I’ve never seen you before! What have you given us?

I respect Taylor even more. She obviously respects her family and crew enough to want them to have a break in comfort. As for being outrageous I’m sure if we all turned up on your doorstep at your villa in Bali and demanded you’re time you’d pretty quickly ask politely that we leave. These people work hard like everyone else. Give them a break!