VIDEO: The Bachelor runner-up Lana Jeavons-Fellows breaks down in tears on Studio 10

Despite being filmed over 4 months ago, Lana Jeavons-Fellows is still heartbroken Sam Wood dumped her in the final episode of The Bachelor.

The stunning brunette couldn’t hold back the tears during an appearance on Studio Ten on Friday morning, revealing she thought she would be the last girl standing, not Snezana Markoski.

‘Of course I did (think it was me),’ she said. ‘I’m an optimist.’


PHOTO: Studio Ten / Twitter

PHOTO: Studio Ten Video Still / Ten Network

The 27-year-old beauty was the favourite to win Sam’s heart, despite entering the matchmaking show halfway through as an intruder.
‘A lot of people anticipated I would be the girl in the end and it’s been hard,’ she said.

‘Maybe I’m a fool, I don’t know.. whatever we had was real but what he had with someone else was stronger.’

Take a look at what else Lana had to say about The Bachelor below: