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VIDEO: The most evil Christmas present ever?

This may just be the most evil Christmas present…ever.

While Australians are experiencing an inundation of real snakes as the weather heats up, an online Sydney store is taking advantage of the fear of almost every person in the nation in one of the most wicked ways possible.

This Christmas you can buy a ‘life-like’ remote controlled rattlesnake to scare the jeebers out of your mum, sister, or Grandma – if you’re really that heartless.


“This lifelike 3 channel remote controlled rattlesnake toy will bring you and your friends a lot of fun. Not only does it look real…it moves realistically,” the website’s description of the toy states. “Simply charge the snakes body using a standard USB port and away you go!

“The egg-shaped transmitter allows you to control the snake toy to go forward, turn left and turn right.  If you touch the left and right control button for a short moment when the snake is still, it moves slightly then stops –  we call this the “creep up” move”.

The remote controlled rattle snake can be found at: