VIDEO: The Veronicas call out Tony Abbott over marriage equality

The Veronicas have joined the fight for marriage equality, posting a open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott online.

Lisa and Jessica Origliasso filmed the video after marching in the Marriage Equality rally in Brisbane on the weekend.

The chart-topping sister’s don’t hold back in the post, calling out Tony Abbott and telling him he has “missed the opportunity to become a world revolutionary leader”.


“We all deserve the equal rights to marry our partner and to be granted equal dignity in the eyes of the law,” they say in the video.

“Mister Abbott, you have missed the opportunity to become a world revolutionary leader on this matter and now it’s time to align with the growing number of governments who have paved the way for us, and not continue our alignment with governments who persist in restricting equal human rights and social progression for its people and country.

“We all experience love. We all experience fear. We all bleed the same way.”

Check out their full open letter in the video abover