VIDEO: This powerful short-film will make you want to put down your phone

A five-minute YouTube video urging people to look up from their internet devices and interact with real people is proving to be extremely powerful.

The viral video, which has been viewed more than 53 millions times, pretty much sums up how our generation is missing out on so much in life because we’re too busy looking down at our phone screens.

The video, narrated by British writer and director Gary Turk, encourages people to take a break from their online lives to experience real connections.


In the short-film a love story unfolds, showing when a couple meets on a street corner and then go on to buy a home and have grandchildren.

However, Turk proves how phones are damaging the lives of those today, by showing the couple meeting on the same corner, yet failing to bond, because the man is too busy checking his phone as the woman walks by.

If there’s anything that will make you put your phone down for a minute today, it’s probably this video.