Virgin backs CEO’s “some people may die” comments

Virgin Australia is backing the words of its chief executive, who called for Australia’s borders to be open before mid next year even though ‘some people may die’.

Jayne Hrdlicka made the comment in a speech to a Queensland University of Technology business lunch yesterday, saying the longer the borders stay shut the more our physical and economic health will be at risk.

“Covid will be part of the community, we will become sick with Covid and it won’t put us in hospital, and it won’t put people into dire straits because we’ll have a vaccine,” Ms Hrdlicka said


“It will make us sick but won’t put us into hospital … some people may die, but it will be way smaller than with the flu.”

The comments were then widely reported by Australian media, forcing Virgin Airlines to put out a statement last night.

“We have and will continue to work closely with both state and federal governments to support the health and safety of the Australian community,” it said.

“We agree with state and federal leaders that eradication of Covid-19 cannot be the goal for our country.

“The question is not if but when we will be sufficiently vaccinated to protect our people and our hospital system to open our international borders.

“We must learn to live with Covid-19 in the community in a way that protects the health and safety of our people but also opens Australia up to the rest of the world.”

It comes as the federal government faces more pressure to put out a timeline of what goals have to be achieved before the international borders can begin opening.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison wouldn’t be drawn on the matter in a press conference yesterday.

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People will die but that is part of life. They may claim to have died from Covid but they may have had an underlying condition that is never mentioned. PLUS look at the people who have died at war, in accidents, in mass shootings.

You really going to compare covid with shootings and war? Thats just sad and not even relevant to the situation now

Truth hurts.

Not for CEOs who make a monster $40 million a second! They have their own private personal butlers on their own jets. ✈️💺🛫🛬🛩️🚁

People die of the flu, cancer, heart conditions etc, every day. COVID deaths will be greatly reduced once the majority of the population is vaccinated. Inevitably the borders will open again at some point, so COVID will come in, and we will have more than we have ever had, but it will be mild and not a high risk to life anymore. Can’t hide away forever!

I suspect I’m not the first to suggest that Jane Hrdlyka wasn’ expecting herself to be one that may die. What then for Virgin’s front-line employees who would be at a far greater than average risk?


Support our regional airline REX instead! Keep the profits right here in Australia. 👍👍👍✔️✔️✔️

She will probably die herself from a car accident, caused by Bill Shorten next year – when he gets his driver’s licence back!