Visiting federal minister flooded in on southern Gold Coast

A federal minister’s been caught up in the Gold Coast floods today, stranded at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley is on the coast announcing a $4 million funding boost for southeast Queensland’s rainforests, as part of the government’s commitment to supporting the long-term recovery of native plants, animals and ecological communities following the devastating Black Summer bushfires.

However, Minister Ley is now trapped at the location, with flood waters rising throughout the morning.


“So we’re flooded in at Currumbin, we’re at the hospital, I’m looking through the window now – it’s pretty wet,” Minister Ley told myGC.

“There’s a couple of brave cars a little bit further up the road but the water is well and truly up the side of their doors.

“Where we’re parked – even in a four wheel drive – we’re certainly not going to be backing out any time soon.

“So between the creek and the ocean I’m experiencing a sudden rise of flood waters, and Currumbin says it’s happens about once a year, so we’ve picked the right day (to visit).

“We’re doing what we’re always doing when it rains like this – don’t try and go anywhere in a hurry. Don’t think that you have to be somewhere, because nothing is more important than staying put and they will probably predict the exact moment when the flood waters will start to recede,” Minister Ley said.

Despite the heavy rain, Minister Ley says the Currumbin Hospital is still a flurry of activity.

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