Volkswagen, Audi settle massive class action lawsuits over emissions scandal

After four years, Volkswagen and Audi have finally settled two class action lawsuits with Australian car owners over its diesel emissions scandal.

The class actions allege the German car maker misled customers by advertising their diesel cars as environmentally friendly, despite them being fitted with illegal devices to cheat emissions tests.

At least 100,000 Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi vehicles in Australia were affected by the issue, with customers now able to access millions in compensation.


It’s understood owners of the affected vehicles could receive as much as $1400 each, with the total payout believed to be between $87 million and $127.1 million.

Those amounts are not including legal costs, which will be paid on top of the sum which is available to motorists.

Maurice Blackburn lawyer Julian Schimmel said the settlement was a significant victory for motorists.

“We see this as a really significant victory for motorists who launched this case almost four years ago,” Mr Schimmel said.

“It’s an important step in providing justice to motorists who claim they were financially impacted by the diesel emissions issue.”

Volkswagen owner Alister Dalton says it was a positive outcome, despite the car maker failing to admit liability.

“It was a privilege to represent the thousands of VW owners and I think the outcome is a great outcome,” he said.

“The fact they have come to the table to actually reach a settlement is an achievement itself.”