Volkswagen Polo recalled over potentially deadly airbags

There’s been another major car recall, this time involving Volkswagen Polos and the potentially deadly Takata airbags.

The car giant issued the recall this week, revealing 2759 Polo models made between 2010-2014 have been affected.

The recall is due to the front driver side airbag inflators and involves vehicles supplied between 1 December 2010 and 1 January 2015.


“As it gets older, a combination of high temperatures and humidity can cause the airbag inflator propellant to degrade,” the recall notice reads.

“If an affected vehicle is involved in a collision triggering the airbag, the metal inflator housing may explode/rupture under too much internal pressure.”

It’s understood that if a defective airbag inflator ruptures, metal fragments may propel out through the airbag cushion towards the driver, causing serious injury or even death.

Volkswagen says they will contact owners of affected vehicles to arrange for a replacement airbag inflator free of charge.