More volunteers needed for Schoolies Support Team

Crimestoppers is urgently looking for another 150 volunteers to join this year’s Schoolies Support Team – with the deadline for Blue Card applications closing on Friday.

The Schoolies event from 19-25 November, has been running as an organised week for 37 years, and sees thousands of school leavers converging on the glitter strip to celebrate finishing secondary education. Crimestoppers manages the approximately 300 volunteers who make up the Schoolies Support Team (SST).

Gold Coast resident Michael Hare, who has been volunteering with the SST for the last 13 years, says he’s seen how Schoolies has evolved over that time.


He says the most significant advances over the years has been the introduction of the ‘Schoolies only’ beach precinct.

“The beach provides a safe and fun space for kits to meet up, dance, relax and enjoy themselves away from older revelers who would want to join festivities to which they are not welcome,” Mr Hare said.

“To the great credit of those charged with catering for and controlling the crowds, every year has seen an improvement over the previous.

“The behind-the-scenes work done by all different support agencies would make many parents and the public proud and reassured that the diversionary activities are well managed,” he said.

Mr Hare says that 99% of Schoolies are there for a great time.

“Sadly but thankfully, less than one per cent are silly and get themselves into trouble; that’s just part of modern society,” he said.

Mr Hare said the SST was a wonderful opportunity for many others to give back to the community and encouraged mums and dads of Schooliese to volunteer.

Register your interest obligation-free at or call 1300 309 355