Volunteers wanted to patrol the streets of Surfers Paradise

IT is almost that time of year again when school leavers flock to Surfers Paradise to celebrate the end of their secondary education.

That means Crime Stoppers is searching for people willing to volunteer their time to point graduates in the right direction when they hit the glitter strip.

Schoolies Week runs from November 21 to 27 and Crime Stoppers needs Schoolies Support Team Volunteers to patrol the streets during that time.


Crime Stoppers Queensland Chief Executive Trevor O’Hara said they are urging people to get in now and register as they need to fill 350 spots by October 23.

That will allow time for applications to be processed and for training sessions to be held.  All applicants do require a Blue Card but they can still apply if they do not have one just yet.

Mr O’Hara said the Blue Card application “is free for all volunteers and we assist new applicants with their forms”.

Basically he said the role of an SST volunteer would be to provide street and beach patrols, walk home services and sometimes just lend an ear to lonely school leavers.

Participants tend to come from all walks of life including parents, mature aged students studying justice and law courses, social workers and trainee Police Officers.

SST Volunteers wear bright orange tabards so they can be easily identified and work closely with Emergency Services teams.

To get involved register here or call 1300 309 355.