Volunteers who “give a little, change a lot” says Cancer Council QLD

Cancer Council Queensland is this week honouring thousands of volunteers who give their time to make a difference.

This week is National Volunteer Week, and the theme is ‘Give a little, change a lot’ – representing the millions of volunteers who make a profound impact in their communities and on society, through giving a little time.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan said the organisation, like many not-for-profits, could not exist without a strong volunteer base.


“When people volunteer their time to assist our work we can redirect funds into areas that matter most like research, prevention programs and support services,” Ms McMillan said.

“We simply could not do what we do without the spirit and passion of our volunteers.

“At Cancer Council Queensland we have around 1300 registered volunteers who work across all areas of the business, and more than 30,000 volunteers who lend a hand occasionally at events or fundraising campaigns throughout the year.

“This week is a special opportunity to honour those that give their time, energy and enthusiasm to ensure Queenslanders affected by cancer have hope and support.

“Whether it’s fundraising for cancer research, volunteering to support patients in person or via the phone, assisting with admin duties, or driving people to treatment – every donated hour reduces the burden of cancer on families across the state.

“Our volunteers are the heart of our work and inspire us every day to continue on our mission to reach a cancer free future.”

To find out more about Cancer Council Queensland, or volunteering, visit cancerqld.org.au.