Vote with your remote

I HAVE officially boycotted Channel Nine this footy season.

Yes, ok, it may seem a drastic measure but how else do we the little people tell these (incredibly) stupid, disconnected TV bigwigs in Sydney that we fundamentally disagree with the decisions they are making?

Naturally, I am speaking about last Friday night and the never-ending story that was the build up to the first Friday Night Football of the 2015 NRL season.


The game was Parramatta v Manly and it was scheduled to kick off at 8pm EDST (7pm QLD).

Instead of recognising that the Australian sport-loving public would love to watch a live game, someone at Channel 9 came up with the bright idea to delay the telecast.

So as a nation tuned into nine at 730 (EDST) expecting a little bit of pre-game info followed by live sport, we were instead offered up the idiocy that is ACA.

At 8pm, when the game had kicked off in Parramatta, the ‘wide world of sport’ was nowhere to be seen. ACA continued to spew out its ignorance into millions of TV’s across the nation.

830pm rolled around and ACA finished.

As we collectively celebrated the end of ACA (and the expected start of the footy) we were visited by an exceedingly boring pre-recorded interview with new Eels recruit Anthony Watmough.

We then had to sit through an interview with Jarryd Hayne about his move to the NFL.

At 8:45 (EDST) we finally had kick off. 45 minutes after the game had actually started.

Not only was this initial delay incredibly frustrating to millions of aussie footy fans, but every add-break was extended because it was not live.

The broadcaster was not forced to have short add breaks by the live play – did anyone else clock the 20 minute half time???

It is blatant greed, and I for one am doing the only thing I can.

Voting with my remote.

On Friday nights now I will watch live AFL or S15, and wait until Fox Sports plays the NRL replay at 10pm.

Or perhaps I will not watch the NRL at all on Friday nights.

Again, I know it seems drastic but what else can we do when we see time and time again decisions being made that are so blatantly not what people want, yet are what people have to deal with.

Channel 9 has a bottom line like any business. The only way to start to effect a change is to simply stop watching.

When the advertising dollars stop flowing, then maybe (just maybe) we might see a change.

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