WA prison escapee to face court after being found on the Gold Coast

A PERTH prison escapee will likely face drug charges in Southport Magistrates Court this morning after being tracked down on the Gold Coast following more than 18 months on the run.

Bernd Neumann, 60, also known as Brett Faulkner, was two years into a 15-year sentence for trafficking methylamphetamine when he took a dog for a walk and strolled away from a prison soccer game at a park in Perth’s south in February last year.

He was arrested on Thursday morning at a shopping centre in Reedy Creek.


Police found 70 marijuana plants at a campsite he had been using and are not disclosing the location at this time.

It’s likely that Neumann’s extradition to WA will have to wait for the drug charges to progress through court.

There will be plenty of questions to answer when he does end up returning to WA.

Despite having previously skipped bail and being considered a potential flight risk, Neumann was allowed to leave the minimum security Wooroloo Prison Farm for the supervised soccer match in 2014.

Having absconded, he abandoned the labrador puppy that was part of a prison program training animals for people with physical disabilities.

WA Corrective Services Minister Joe Francis told parliament three months after the escape that Neumann had been unsuitably assessed too early in his sentence as a minimum security prisoner.

As a result, a small number of inmates who had been classed as minimum security had reverted to medium.