Wake up and smell the routine

IS it just me, or was your alarm sounding a little too eager and abrasive this morning as well?

The sun may be shining and the weather might be warm, but already that glorious long weekend is a fading memory. All over the Gold Coast, people are waking up to the bitter taste of reality; the last quarter has officially begun and no one is immune.

It is back to school today with the start of our fourth and final term. That means ten more weeks – nine for many private schools, and less than seven for graduating Year 12’s – of lunch boxes to pack, school uniforms to iron, and lazy kids to wrestle out of the house.


The sport of people watching has become decidedly boring. With no tween outfits to critique, teen flirting to be shocked by or kiddy tantrums to judge, whatever will retailers, shoppers and beach goers do with their time?

Interstate and overseas visitors have returned home and our Gold Coast economy is left to address the un-sexy side of the hospitality industry: cleaning, restocking and balancing budgets.

Even those of us who don’t have kids and have carried on as-per-normal over the past few weeks get the bonus of increased traffic as our fair-weathered friends join back in on the morning commute.

While the tourism capital of Australia might not consider routine to be a friend, we need to remember that it really is just the calm before the storm. Peak season on the Gold Coast is coming: Schoolies is less than seven weeks away, school holidays will be following soon after and Christmas is a mere 78 days away.

In the meantime, locals should make the most of this short-lived season of routine with these simple survival tips.

Support our own economy with a staycation. Many Gold Coast resorts offer locals’ discounts and you can enjoy breathing room and fast service at your favourite restaurant.

Better yet, get your Christmas shopping started now – with a complimentary undercover car park found in two minutes or less – and help our retailers ease into Christmas.

On the school front, remember that kids, teachers and parents alike are feeling the pressure and getting fatigued. With no public holidays left to break the term up and exams and assessment galore, it is important to fight the end-of-year burnout. Break out of routine every now and then and prioritise time for fun.

Gold Coasters, enjoy the lull because there is a big set on the horizon.

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