Wally Lewis officially declared a ‘legend’

Rugby League star Wally Lewis is officially a legend.

“The King” was last night inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame with his immortal status promoted to legend.

Lewis said he was “bewildered” to learn of his elevation to legend status.


“I said the same ridiculous thing that you laugh at other people for saying – you’re kidding,” Lewis said.

“You just don’t regard yourself as being in the same class or category as the people that you admired throughout your sporting days when you were watching them.”

Just the third rugby league player to become a Sport Australia Hall of Fame Legend, Lewis joins John Raper and Reg Gasnier.

The Legend status is given to those “who have distinguished themselves at the highest level and in doing so have offered inspiration and example to Australia.”

Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne also became the first jockey to take home The Don award as the athlete who most inspired the nation.

Payne said it was an “incredible honour, unbelievable really” to win the award adding that everything that’s taken place since she crossed the line on the first Tuesday in November has been amazing,” Payne said.

“I could never have believed everything that has happened since the race, absolutely not in my wildest dreams.  It was very much a life changing race.”