Want to become a teacher? Write an essay to prove it

From the beginning of August this year, anyone wanting to study teaching at a Queensland university will have to write a 1000-word essay on why they want to teach – on top of the usual academic requirements.

The new essay requirement, developed by the Queensland Council of Deans and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre, is designed to select people who have the right personal qualities needed to be a teacher.

Griffith University’s Dean of Education, Professor Donna Pendergast, welcomed the move.


“Research shows the best teachers are those who have academic capability, literacy and numeracy skills and personal characteristics such as a motivation to teach, self-efficacy, willingness to learn and communication skills,” said Professor Pendergast.

“A teacher who does not possess these non-academic capabilities may be more likely to leave the profession.”

Those applying to study teaching will have to write 500 words explaining what motivates them, and what will make them suitable to teach, as well as an additional 500 words highlighting their commitment to leadership and learning.

More details on the essay requirements will be released by QTAC before August.