War of words erupts over Qld govt’s Virgin Airlines bid

The Queensland government has launched a bid for Virgin Airlines, causing an absolute stir amongst politicians.

The state’s new Treasurer Cameron Dick has tasked the Queensland Investment Corporation with managing the $200 million originally set aside as a possible loan for the company.

It could now become an equity stake in a potential takeover, that would keep the airline headquarters in Brisbane and protect some 5,000 local jobs.


However, the move has come under immediate criticism from the Federal Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who took to social media on the issue last night.

“Premier Palaszczuk has almost bankrupted Queensland, and now in the middle of a crisis they want to buy an airline. It is laughable. She “leads” a government which is corrupt and chaotic,” Dutton’s Twitter post reads.

Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick was quick to fire back online.

It’s understood the Queensland Investment Corporation has until tomorrow to launch it’s official bid, and could be up against almost 20 other offers.

There could also be some competition from New South Wales and Victoria, who are hoping to lure the Virgin Headquarters south.

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Good decision you make Queensland Premier Palasczcuk rather than the Chinese investors will buy the Virgin airline we should help each other rather than asking help come from other countries.

The Qld Labor Government sold off the only profitable part of Qld Rail and now they want to buy a failing loss making airline. Makes perfect sense.

Just the usual Mr Potato Head stunt. Whenever there is possible bad news coming about the coalition gov he always throws a ridiculous story to deflect bad news and the press take the bait hook, line and sinker .
Stick to cruise ships, sonny.

Well done Queensland keeping virgin here can only be good for the state. As for Dutton I can’t say it kids might be watching.

Brilliant move Queensland Government you want to buy a company that has 6.8 billion in debt and has made a profit once in the last 10 years . Smart move with taxpayers money .