War of words heat up between Gold Coast Mayor and CCC boss

Queensland’s corruption watchdog has lashed out at the Gold Coast Mayor, for accusing him of ruining the lives of multiple Logan councillors and calling for him to be stood down.

It follows the end of a two-year investigation in fraud allegations within Logan Council, which saw multiple Councillors stood down and an administration council brought in.

However, the charges were all dropped earlier this week.


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Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has now called for the boss of the Crime and Corruption Commission boss to be stood down, saying that the action taken by the CCC was ‘contemptuous’.

Mr Tate told the Courier Mail that the CCC boss Alan MacSporran had ruined the lives of Logan councillors, during a lengthy fraud investigation that was eventually dropped.

He also said that during his own investigation, it felt as if “someone was telling you it’s raining while standing behind you pissing down your back”.

“It’s ironic that the CCC chair is always the one talking about a presumption on innocence being a barometer for fair justice.

“Well, let’s stand him down now and give him his day of reckoning sometime in the distant future.

“What happened in Logan is nothing short of contemptuous. I’m glad to see it’s stopped raining in Logan now that the CCC aren’t peeing on people’s lives.

“The chair is the one feeling wet right now and he needs to be stood down,” Tom Tate told the Courier Mail yesterday.

The CCC chair Alan MacSporran was quick to send out a statement to media outlets last night, in response to Mr Tate’s attack.

“The vulgar comments attributed to Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate in an online article in The Courier Mail tonight are unbecoming of an elected official in my view.

“I’m sure reasonable Queenslanders would agree,” Mr MacSporran’s statement reads.

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MacSporran is only a lackey for Dictator Palaszczuk and would have to ring to get approval to get out of the bed in the morning. Corruption alive and well in MacSporran’s and Palaszczuk’s world.

Is isn’t a strange coincidence that Tate and his dodgy mob are under a new corruption investigation every 6 months! Last time he got busted buying personal items with council $ again!