War on Wrecks claims another derelict boat on the Gold Coast

Yet another derelict boat has had to be removed from Gold Coast waters today, as the state’ government’s ‘War on Wrecks’ continues.

A lone yacht had come adrift in Labrador , with locals reporting it had been moored in the same position for at least a year.

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority has attended the wreck this morning, and removed it for the water.


They were alerted to the wreckage after it apparently came adrift overnight, with an early morning passerby having to secure it to a dock.

It’s the 17th abandoned watercraft removed from Gold Coast waters in the last three months.

The Waterways Authority is continuing it’s War on Wrecks, which began mid-last year.

To date they’ve removed 58 vessels.

Gold Coasters are encouraged to continue reporting derelict vessels to the Waterways Authority, as they can pose serious safety hazards and sometimes have detrimental impacts on the waterways.