WARNING: DO NOT fall for this convincing Jury Duty email scam

Queenslanders are being warned about a dodgy Jury Duty email scam currently doing the rounds.

The scam tells people that they’ve been “chosen to participate in a court proceeding as a juror” and allegedly tries to con them into clicking on a dodgy link to fill in their personal details.

The Department of Justice and Queensland Police alerted people to the scam on Wednesday, urging them to remain vigilant.


“Queensland Courts send paper notices to prospective jurors, not emails,” Justice Qld said.

“Don’t click on the link if you receive an email like this.”

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If I got an email telling me I had jury duty, and I had to fill in an online form with my deets, I think I’d put in my dog’s name. Not very civic-minded of me, but she’d do an awesome job.