WARNING: DO NOT fall for this convincing Telstra phone bill scam

Are you waiting for your Telstra phone bill to arrive in your inbox? If so, then you MUST read this.

Australians are this week being warned of a new, extremely convincing email scam claiming to be from Telstra.

The hoax email looks almost identical to a normal Telstra bill notification email, however its been designed to infect your computer or phone with malware.


“A recipient who clicks on the “View Bill” button will be directed to a malicious website that will deliver malware to their computer,” Mailguard editor Emmanuel Marshall said.

The anti-virus company said the malicious domain name being used in the malware attack (telstrabroadband.com) was only created a few days ago via a registry in China.

It’s apparently one of two scams currently targeting Telstra customers.

The second scam directs victims to a fake Telstra login page that has the ability to steal their login credentials and credit card details.

Further information on the two scams can be found here.