WARNING: Gold Coast woman loses $7K from phone scam

Gold Coast residents are being warned to be wary of a convincing phone scam, which has managed to con a local woman out of $7000.

Police said the scam calls appear to come from Southport Police Station, seeking payment for fines over the phone.

“One of these calls has resulted in a complaint to police after a woman received a phone call from a number with a caller identification of Southport Police Station on November 18,” police said.


“The caller falsely claimed they were a police officer and the victim had a $7,000 fine outstanding that required immediate payment.”

Police said the payment went through before the victim realised it was a fraud.

“The Queensland Police Service does not seek or receive payment over the telephone for fines or any other type of payments,” they said.

Anyone who receives a similar call is being warned to never provide their credit card details over the phone and to report the matter to Policelink.

If you do happen to become a victim, immediately contact your bank or credit card provider to stop the payment.

Investigations into the source of the telephone calls are continuing.