Warning issued to parents after shocking number of babies locked in cars

RACQ has issued a serious warning about the dangers of leaving a child in a car, following an alarming number of rescues of trapped children this year.

Since January, more than 590 children were rescued after being locked inside of a car, with as many as 33 rescues in one week.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said even in cooler weather it was critical parents took great care with their child’s safety.


“We average three children rescued from cars every day of the year, and it’s a trend that’s unfortunately not improving,” Ms Richie said.

“Too often these accidental lock-ins are due to parents giving the car keys to the children to play with and it only takes a touch of a button for them to be trapped inside.”

Ms Ritchie said RACQ tests revealed in as little as seven minutes the car’s internal temperature reached 40 degrees.

“Whether you’re parking in the shade or if the weather is a little cooler the risks remain the same,” she said.

“Being exposed to such high temperatures in a car can kill or lead to severe injury for young children in a relatively short time.”