Warning issued on popular Aldi tap, with fears it could contaminate water

Homeowners who have purchased Aldi tapware are being urged to be cautious after tap test results uncovered potential lead contamination.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) issued the warning on Monday after coming across the potential issue during a separate investigation.

“During an investigation into a separate plumbing related issue, the QBCC discovered the potentially non-compliant tapware being sold by Aldi,” the industry watchdog said in a statement.


The tapware in question is the ‘Spiral Spring Mixer Tap’ (EASY HOME brand, model number NI183ESCRT-AUD).

More than 3000 of the taps are understood to have been sold in Queensland.

“Our initial test results show that there is a cause for concern, and that the tapware may cause lead contamination of drinking water,” QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said in the statement.

“Tests by Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services have shown that lead levels are up to 15 times the maximum acceptable level of lead in drinking water, as per Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.”

Further testing is currently underway to understand the full extent of the potential issue, in the meantime, people are being urged not to drink from the tap.

“If you have purchased this product and had it installed, Queensland Health advises against ingesting the water out of this tap.

“If you’ve purchased the tapware, and have not yet had it installed, the QBCC recommends not doing so until further details can be confirmed.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has also been notified.