Warning for parents after Qld mother discovers ‘meth’ in 6yo son’s backpack

A horrified mother from Brisbane has taken to social media to issue a warning to parents after discovering two mini bags of a crystal substance, believed to be meth, hidden inside a plastic egg in her six-year-old son’s backpack.

“Hi everyone, I’ve set this post to public in case you would like to share it as a warning,” the concerned mother wrote on Facebook alongside images of the frightening discovery.

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“I was cleaning out my son’s room on Friday and inside his old school bag pocket he uses for play I found a [plastic egg] container. I opened it and found 2 little packets with what looked like big chunky salt crystals. At first of course i was shocked and tried to think where the ….. did that come from!?”

“After school we got the kids together and asked where it came from. [My son] has an amazing memory and recalled finding it in the gutter at a local second hand store weeks ago….innocently he assumed it fell out of the car and just popped it in his pocket.”

“We took it to the police station [where my son] was congratulated on the fact he didn’t eat it”

“Anyways this may be a good time to discuss this stuff with your youngens… i thought we had already covered this subject as they clearly know about no touching needles or pills but salt like crystals (meth) was new to us!!”

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The post has since gone viral with more than 766 shares and hundreds of comments.