WATCH: 50 years of Gold Coast fashion to be showcased at Main Beach event

The golden era of Gold Coast fashion will be showcased at the Flashback Friday Luncheon at Main Beach this Friday.

Organiser Deborah Miller said she has sourced designs from as early as the 50s for the sold-out event.

“I’m showcasing a bit of everything for everybody that was in the business, going back to the meter-maids and the golden girls – they were the models of the time – as well as all the icons that helped fashion come along,” she told myGC.


“We will be covering a really good cross section and showing a little bit of fashion from each decade.”

Ms Miller, a former Gold Coast Meter Maid, told myGC some of the original meter maids will be in attendance, with their outfits to be displayed.

“We will have a few at the lunch on Friday. Veronica Cherry was the first meter-maid in 1965. They were very iconic – people wanted to meet them.”

While Gold Coast fashion is very cyclical, Ms Miller said it’s the little things have changed over the years.

“I think it comes down to the small things like shoulder pads, clinched in waists, the lengths – we went from minis in the 60s and we’ve been every length ever since,” she said.

While Friday’s event is sold-out, Ms Miller said she plans to hold more events throughout the year. To find out more, visit: