WATCH: A new heart scanning device at Amtan Medical Centres is helping to detect heart failure earlier

Checking your heart health has become a whole lot easier, thanks to new technology now available at Amtan Medical Centres across the Gold Coast.

Called a Butterfly iQ, the hand-held ultrasound scanning device is able to show imagery of a patient’s heart almost instantly on a smart device.

“By seeing the heart function via an ultrasound in our clinics, we can detect early stages of heart disease without having to wait for a hospital visit to be scheduled and results to be sent to us,” Amtan co-owner, Dr Ameer Hamza told myGC.


“Now we have a technology that can detect heart disease within a few minutes. We can see how the heart is pumping, how the heart is moving and how the heart valves are doing.”

See how the Butterfly iQ device works in the video below:

Dr Hamza said Amtan Medical Centres were the first general practices in Australia to use the device.

“We have been using this device for the last four months as a trial. Out of the first 100 patients, we had five heart failures detected, which is a significant number. The result is overwhelming. This is definitely going to save lives.”

“Heart failure is a very silent disease often not detected until it is too late. People often put off having thorough heart check-ups, especially during the last 12 months when COVID resulted in us staying home more,” he said.

“Now when patients visit our clinics, they can have their heart scanned as part of a regular check-up.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve patient care and grow early detection of any health issues. Butterfly iQ will be an important part of our consultation process moving forward.”

For more information on the Butterfly iQ and Amtan Medical Centres, visit:

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by Amtan Medical Centres.