Abandoned school building destroyed by fire in western Sydney

A SCHOOL that has been left to rot for almost a decade in western Sydney has been ravaged by fire for the second time in as many years.

Emergency services were called to the Macquarie Boys Technology High School in Parramatta on Saturday afternoon. The school has been vacant for eight years after closing in 2009.

Crews arrived at the scene to find one of the two-storey buildings at the abandoned education facility well engulfed in flames.


Several crews are at the scene battling the inferno which has caused the building’s roof to collapse.

It’s understood firefighters are having issues with water supply in the area.

It’s no the first time the school has been razed by fire.

The school’s main hall burned to the ground in a suspicious blaze in July last year.

The Daily Telegraph quoted former Parramatta councillor Andrew Wilson in an article at the time calling for the State Government to do something about the derelict school because it was a risk to the community.

“It is unsafe,” the former councillor told the publication in July 2016. “If you leave buildings for extended periods of time, you’ll get anti-social behaviour.”

“You’d hope now the government would take some action, you can’t get much worse than someone starting a fire to the place. It will happen again.”

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The high school was closed in 2009 due to its declining reputation and student numbers.

It was planned to be restored and reopened as the Lachlan Macquarie College, specialising in Maths and Science, but the University of Western Sydney backed out of signing the lease.

The school’s buildings have, as a result, been left to essentially rot for eight years.

The NSW Department of Education and Training planned to sell the land in 2015.