WATCH | Action-packed Aquaman trailer released

“You might want to strap yourself in.”

The trailer for the latest DC Comics blockbuster movie, Aquaman, has been released by Warner Bros. and it’s full of both dry land and underwater action.

The origin story, partially shot on the Gold Coast in 2017, stars Jason Momoa in the title role of the half-human, half-Atlantean superhero (aka Arthur Curry).


The trailer begins with a young Arthur getting bullied, only to draw on his powers to overcome his tormentors.

The film also stars Amber Heard as Mera, Willem Dafoe as Vulko and Patrick Wilson King Orm and Arthur’s half-brother.

Nicole Kidman plays his mother, Atlanna, a queen who is washed up on the shore to fatefully meet his father, Tom, a lighthouse keeper.

“Life has a way of bringing people together,” Aquaman reflects at the beginning of the trailer.

He is called upon to return to the ocean and fight for the ‘throne’ from his half-brother, who is plotting to “declare war on the surface world”.

And so, the fight begins.

The trailer was released just hours ago, to mixed reviews:

“I had strong reservations about this. But the trailer looks excellent!”

“Great job DC !!!! Wow that was amazing!!!”

“My god this is gonna flop so bad.”

“Looks ok but character and costume too dark.”

The film, directed by James Wan, is set to hit theaters just before Christmas.