WATCH | Adorable baby echidna slurping milk

IF BY the end of this story, you don’t want to have an Echidna as a pet, then you’re dead inside.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) has just released photos and videos of their newest Echidna Puggle, and we’re losing our minds.


Aptly named Pooh Bear, the little guy (or girl, you can’t tell until they’re two-years-old) is living up to its namesake with a zest for fun and exploration.

Born at CWS in late August, Pooh Bear’s mum was unable to adequately care for her offspring, so the keepers took over the role of mum.

And now, we want that job.

Echidna Puggle Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

PHOTO: Supplied by National Trust Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

From just two months old Pooh was hand-raised by Wildlife Keepers, Alice and Lauren, and fed Wombaroo Echidna Milk – a special milk supplement – every four days from the palms of their hands.

“At each feed Pooh Bear drinks almost twenty percent of its body weight, this is why they only feed every 4 days” Alice said in a statement.

Pooh has just been introduced to solids foods, beginning with live termites and progressing to the specialist diet that all the other CWS echidnas eat.

“It’s not everyone’s idea of a delicacy but echidnas tend to enjoy a good plate of termites for dinner.”

Pooh Bear has also started going out for walks and exploring new environments.

Echidnas have short, strong limbs and large claws, which make them excellent diggers, and electric pulses in their sensitive beak that allow them to locate termites, ants and other soil creatures to eat.

Take a look at the cuteness…