WATCH: Adorable shelter pup makes his own bed everyday while waiting to be adopted

AN adorable shelter puppy captured making his own bed everyday has inspired a loving family to adopt him.

The American Pit Bull, named Rush, was filmed holding his blanket in his mouth while moving it around in an attempt to ‘make his bed’.


Staff at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio noticed Rush was repeating the same movement on a daily basis so decided to film it to put on YouTube in the hope to inspire adoption.

“Day after day the staff would watch Rush make his bed and one day, one of our marketing interns got it on video,” she said. “We put it on social media to encourage people to come in and adopt the animal,” Nora Vondrell, executive director of SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio, told ABC News.

The video went viral, and within hours, a family who watched the adorable footage rushed to meet Rush, automatically falling in love and taking him home.

“The family had seen the video, came and met Rush and fell in love,” Ms Vondrell said.

“There are a lot of negative stereotypes about the American pit bull. If we were able to highlight the cute cuddly points of Rush, then we can help people look beyond the pit bull label.”

We are so excited to announce that Rush has a new family! The adoptive family has an amazing story of how they heard…

Posted by SICSA Pet Adoption Center on Friday, October 9, 2015