WATCH: Alanis Morissette & Jimmy Fallon busk in NYC subway in disguise

Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Fallon have gone undercover, giving unsuspecting subway travellers a surprise performance in New York City.

The singer disguised herself by wearing a long, blonde haired wig with a fedora hat and large pair of sunglasses, while Fallon donned a fake beard, wig and beanie to hide his look.

“Good evening, everybody. We’d like to sing a couple of songs for you,” Jimmy said in a disguised voice.


“We hope you enjoy. Happy holidays.”

The pair then started performing the Christmas carol ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ as part of a hilarious skit for Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

After the performance, the famous duo whipped off their disguise shocking excited fans in the subway.

Morissette then broke out into her hit “You Oughta Know”, with both the crowd and Fallon jumping along and singing to the much-loved tune.