WATCH: Alleged Gold Coast serial hoon’s car destroyed

An alleged repeat hoon offender of the Gold Coast has had his beloved car crushed and destroyed.

The Holden Commodore belongs to a 26-year-old Molendinar man who has been charged with a string of driving offences.

The man is alleged to be behind a bunch of hooning incidents across the city, including a massive burnout performed right outside the Southport cop shop.


Police have released footage of the car being destroyed, saying it’s a warning to all hoons that their car may be next.

“If you want to take us on, then be very mindful that we will use everything in our power that’s legislatively possible to remove you from the road – it’s as simple as that,” Gold Coast District Chief Superintendent Craig Hanlon says.

“It’s a privilege to have a license and to use the road network. It’s not a right. And if you want to flout the laws, we’ll take that privilege from you.”

Officers busted the man back in November 2021 when he was allegedly hooning in the now-destroyed vehicle along Geary Cescent, Molendinar.

They say the car was bearing no registration plates with its rear tyres blown, travelling on its rims.

The Molendinar man then allegedly dodged police when they tried to intercept him, but he was eventually tracked and taken down by the Dog Squad in Cook Close, Southport.

Chief Superintendent Hanlon admits it was satisfying watching the man’s beloved car be wrecked.

“We definitely had the last laugh. I mean, one of the cars that he was driving is now crushed and destroyed,”

“It is great. We love it. Sometimes people get away with stuff … but to have a vehicle crushed, it’s a relief to us because that’s one message to that person and it’s a message to everyone else in the community that we are serious about stopping hoons,

“We are serious about trying to prevent people dying or being permanently disfigured or injured as a result of poor behaviour on our roads.”

The alleged serial hoon is scheduled to re-appear at the Southport Magistrates Court today.