WATCH: Argumentative Qld driver tries to talk his way out of RBT

An argumentative Queensland driver has tried to talk his way out of a roadside breath test, demanding to know whether he was under arrest or free to go.

While police didn’t take immediate action against him, they sent him on his way with the warning that they would be in touch with him later.

A video posted on YouTube shows the man in a rant with an officer who repeatedly asks him to take a breath test.


“Am I under arrest or am I free to go?” the man continuously asks as he tries to provoke the officer.

The policeman eventually reaches the end of his tether, and lets the driver go with a firm warning.

“Mr Summers, we’ll be seeing you later on. Have a nice day.”

The clip has gone viral since being posted yesterday.

Queensland Law states that anyone who refuses to supply police with a breath test faces up to 40 demerit points off their license or six months’ prison.

Police said the man was issued ‘a notice to appear’ four days after the incident.

“Police stopped a driver on Elm Street Cooroy at about 5pm on November 10.  The driver failed to supply a specimen of breath,” the police statement reads.

“On November 14 police served a 33-year-old Pomona man with a notice to appear for failing to supply a specimen of breath and he is expected to appear at the Noosa Magistrates Court on December 13.”

WATCH – A snippet of the man’s rant here: