WATCH: Aussie pilot surprises girlfriend with adorable mid-flight proposal

An Australian pilot has shocked both passengers and his unsuspecting girlfriend, by proposing to her via his plane’s PA system.

“Captain Ellis has been a Qantas pilot for 30 years and has made many inflight announcements,” the caption of the video, posted on the official Qantas Facebook page reads.

“But this weekend on QF93 he made a different announcement for a very special passenger…”


In the footage, Mr Ellis begins rattling off the usual flight announcement via the plane’s PA system before he informs the passengers that his girlfriend, Anna, is on board.

“Her name is Anna. She’s travelling back to South America now to visit her family, and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia,” Mr Ellis says.

“So now that I have her complete attention: Quieres casarete conmigo? Will you marry me?”

The video has been viewed more than 560,000 times since being uploaded on Monday.


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