WATCH | Aussie soldier returns home early to surprise son at school

A YOUNG Queensland schoolboy has openly wept in front of his peers at school assembly, while watching a video his dad recorded in Afghanistan.

Little did William Anderson know, his dad was actually waiting in the wings to deliver a surprise reunion.

The Toowoomba school boy had not seen his dad for seven months, after Lieutenant Michael Anderson was posted overseas in 2018.


William’s teacher at Highlands Christian College organised for students to write letters and put together care packages to send to Lt Anderson’s platoon.

He wanted to thank the school for all the goodwill, so he arranged for a special gift to be delivered at school assembly.

On March 1, everyone except for William’s family, teachers and assistant principal Warren Seip thought Lt Anderson was passing the gift on via video, as he wasn’t expected home for another week.

Lt Anderson had recorded a video message, which was played as William stood on the school stage crying while seeing and hearing his dad.

“I’d like to just grab a small gift to present to the school,” Lt Anderson said.

“Hang on two seconds, I’ll just go grab it,” he says before being seen stepping on stage to embrace his son in a surprise homecoming.

(Source: Highlands Christian College)

“On behalf of my platoon and all the guys and girls in Afghanistan, I’ve got a token of our appreciation here I’d like to present to the school.

Lt Anderson gifted the school a banner displaying his “company symbol: Delta Coy 6 RAR” which had been signed by all the members of his platoon.

(Source: Highlands Christian College)

“On behalf of the school, can I just say thank you for your service,” Assistant Principal Seip said.

“I know it’s a huge sacrifice, giving up your life and leaving your family for an extended period of time.”

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