WATCH: Australian Government launch confronting ad about domestic violence

Many Aussie’s may have noticed a rather disturbing ad pop up on their TV screens in the lounge room lately… A woman being assaulted by her partner, a young boy being told not to ‘throw like a girl’ – the purpose of the confronting advertisements are part of a national campaign designed to help break the cycle of violence against women and their children.

The campaign, labelled ‘Stop it at the start’ targets the disrespectful attitudes and behaviours adults might dismiss or ignore in young people – often without realising it.

The Australian Government says that the campaign aims to help parents, family members, teachers, coaches, community leaders, employers and other role models, become more aware of what they say and do.



“This campaign represents a new and important approach,” the Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter said.

“People know that violence against women is wrong; what they may not know is that we – all of us – can unknowingly excuse and therefore perpetuate the behavior that can lead to violence.”

“Our research shows that too often, adults believe that disrespectful or aggressive behaviour by young males towards young females is something that should be understood rather than judged and discouraged.

“Research shows adults often unwittingly excuse objectively unacceptable behaviour with notions such as ‘boys will be boys’. It is also clear from our research that too often adults blame the victim by asking what a victim may have done to invite what should simply be recognised as unacceptable, disrespectful behaviour.”

The campaign, which runs until 2018, includes television commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, public transport, cinema and digital.