WATCH: Australia’s favourite Orangutan showered with gifts for his 40th

One of Melbourne Zoo’s favourite sons, Santan the Sumatran Orangutan, is being showered with gifts and treats to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Santan’s 40th Birthday

PHOTO: Supplied by Melbourne Zoo

Santan was born in Toronto Zoo in Canada, before arriving in Australia in 1987 as part of an international breeding program.


For his birthday the 102kg Orangutan received boxes filled with popcorn and seed treats while his three kids 27-year-old Gabby, 14-year-old Malu and six-year-old Dewi watched on jealously.

Santan is the face of Zoo Victoria’s ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign, which aims at protecting what little natural habitat is left for the orangutans.

The ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign is petitioning for change to the laws regarding the use of palm oil in food, so that it is more clearly marked.

The Sumatran region, the natural home to Santan, has been devasted by palm oil plantations and deforestation.

It’s estimated fewer than 3500 Sumatran Orangutans remain in the wild.

Santan’s 40th Birthday

PHOTO: Supplied by Melbourne Zoo

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