WATCH: Barbie tells girls to ‘stop saying sorry’ in empowering short video

Iconic children’s fashion doll Barbie has taken to YouTube to challenge girls to stop saying sorry.

In her latest vlog, the popular doll talks about the ‘sorry reflex’ – which she says is what happens when girls automatically apologise even when they’re not at fault.

“I think there’s a bigger issue around ‘sorry,’ especially with girls,” Barbie says in the animated clip.


“We say it a lot. Like, a lot. Like it’s a reflex, and that somehow everything that goes wrong is our fault.”

Sitting at a desk in her super pink bedroom, Barbie continues by giving examples of when we might say sorry when we shouldn’t.

“Somebody bumps into us and we say ‘sorry’, you go to a restaurant and the food they serve you is cold and you say ‘Sorry, but could you heat this up for me?” Barbie says.

“We get excited and exuberant about something we’re really excited about and then we instantly say sorry like we’re afraid of being too big.

“Or even if we’re sad, we say sorry because we’re worried about making someone else sad.”

Barbie explains that she believes girls say sorry so much because they’re “worried about offending people”.

“It’s really important to be kind and thoughtful and polite and to offer a sincere apology if we’ve done something wrong,” Barbie says.

“But sorry is a learned reflex, and every time we do it, we take away from our self-confidence.”

She finishes her vlog by urging people to replace “sorry” with a “thank you”.

“If you feel sad, instead of saying you’re sorry, say “‘thank you for understanding my feelings.’ When the restaurant serves you cold food say, ‘thank you for heating up my food.’ When someone bumps into us, we say ‘oh that’s all right’ and give them a smile.”

“There’s so much more power in saying thank you than sorry,” Barbie says.