WATCH: Boy, 10, leads mum, police on wild 160km/h pursuit in family car

A 10-YEAR-OLD boy has stolen his father’s car and led his mother and a fleet of state troopers on a wild high-speed pursuit in the United States. (See the videos below)

Police were flooded with calls from stunned motorists who spotted the small child behind the wheel of a silver 2004 Toyota Avalon, tearing down an interstate highway in Ohio.

It’s understood the boy’s mother was in hot pursuit, chasing after her son in a red SUV. She was one of the many callers who phoned police.


“My 10-year-old stole his dad’s car and I’m following him, he’s running from me,” the boy’s mother can be heard telling 911 operators in audio released by police.

“He’s already wrecked the car, he need’s to stop.”

According to police, the 10-year-old took the car from his family home in Cleveland around 9.30am on Thursday.

The child embarked on a dangerous joyride along Interstate 90, west of Cleveland, swerving in and out of cars and driving into oncoming traffic, almost running several vehicles off the road.

“Hi, um, I’m pretty sure there’s like, a car chase going on between a mum and her son on I-90 right now,” one motorist told 911. “The kid looks like he’s probably 13.”

Westlake police officers tried stopping the car several times, but were unsuccessful and followed the vehicle for more than 15 miles until the boy drove through a toll booth and entered the Ohio Turnpike.

That’s when police say state troopers joined the chase and formed a rolling blockade to ensure the safety of innocent motorists as the child continued to drive erratically along the Turnpike.

The boy reportedly reached speeds of close to 160km/h during the pursuit.

After covering a total of 49 miles, the boy slowed down and swerved off the highway and into a grass ditch to avoid hitting road spikes.

A state trooper seized the moment and used his cruiser to nudge the boy’s car into a road sign as he tried to get back onto the highway, bringing the wild pursuit to a dramatic end.

Police pounced and surrounded the car before forcibly dragging the child out of the driver’s window.

He was taken to hospital before being handed over to the Erie County Children’s Services for evaluation.

The child has since been charged with felony fleeing and eluding.

Speaking to ABC 10 News, the boy’s father said his son may have learned the … from playing video games.

It’s not the first time the boy has taken the family car for a joyride.

According to a police report cited by the Chigaco Tribune, the boy stole his mother’s 2013 Dodge Charger on October 16 and drove it down a freeway with three flat tyres.