WATCH: Cars seized, drivers arrested as Police target hoon meeting

Gold Coast Police believe they are having success against hoons following another significant crackdown on the weekend.

They also believe they’ve identified those who have been organising the illegal meetings and have warned they will continue to target those people.

Officers were out in force on Saturday night after receiving intelligence about another gathering, this time on Old Coach Rd in Upper Coomera.


Officers made five arrests for dangerous driving, another five for evading Police while another four were arrested on drug charges.

Six vehicles were impounded for 90 days and 79 infringements issued.

Officers also nabbed two drink drivers and two drug drivers.

A driver on the M1 was also clocked doing in excess 200km/h after speeding off from Police who tried to pull them over.

Image: Queensland Police

Acting Chief Superintendent Geoff Sheldon says the number of spectators was down this week.

“We’re hoping they got the message that you’ll be targeted if you attending these events whether you’re a driver or just a spectator,” Acting Chief Superintendent Sheldon said.

Police also report that some sections of the crowd turned on each other.

“If you were in the crowd filming the burnouts with your phone you found yourself targeted by people there, suspicious that you might have been assisting us to film these things.

“Because you would have seen from last weekend a lot of our arrests have come from phones we’ve seized and footage that’s been found on mobile phones.”

Image: Queensland Police

Acting Chief Superintendent Sheldon says they’ve been able to lay charges over alleged incidents as far back as January after uncovering footage as part of their investigations.

“We’re glad to be able to grab these people and put them off the road.

“It’s a privilege to drive on the roads in Queensland and we’re quite happy to take that privilege off you if you’re not going to give a damn about your own safety or the safety of anyone else.”

WATCH: Police crackdown on hoons on the Gold Coast:


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Great work QLD police.
Keep that helicopter going, not only for the hoon’s but also those who are out trying to break into homes.