WATCH: The Castle star Michael Caton’s heartfelt marriage equality plea

Well-known Aussie actor Michael Caton has tugged on the heart strings of hundreds of people after appearing in an emotional video where he “respectfully” asks Australians to vote yes for marriage equality.

In the clip, uploaded by the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, The Castle star explained how he was a “child of the 40s and finished high school not knowing that homosexuality even existed.”

“It wasn’t until I joined the theatre that I started to meet gay people and I went through two or three years of amateur theatre meeting some great people,” Caton continued.


“It was a bit of a confrontation to me, a conflict in myself because the word poofter was obviously bandied around quite often. But then I started to see them as just people and they became good friends of mine.”

Caton said his first big job in a musical was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in Sydney in 1969.

“I played the partner, who was a screaming queen, and my friend Alan played the summoner, who was a butch sort of gay.

“And then I met Alan’s partner, John. They were together then in 1969 and they’re together now.

“John is 95, Alan is 88, and they live in a nursing home not far from where I live now. When I think of marriage equality, I think of what it could mean to them.”

“Now get all of these things out of your mind like religious discrimination, what we’re teaching our kids in schools, they’re just red herrings, this is not about that.

“This is about people who want to make a commitment to each other and wouldn’t it be wonderful for Alan and John if before they pass on, they could have their commitment recognised by law.

“Is that too much to ask? I think not. I’d urge you, respectfully, to vote yes for marriage equality.”