WATCH: Celebs reveal how they get red carpet ready!

Ever wondered what goes through the minds of celebrities when they are sashaying down the red carpet?

Are they loving the attention, or are they worrying about falling over?

And what about getting ready for a big event –  how many people does it really take to get them primed before hitting the ruby rug?


Well wonder no more! At 1029 Hot Tomato’s Star Party last week, tv and radio celebs revealed everything you’ve wanted to know – watch below:

Home & Away star Sophie Dillman told myGC she freaks out a little bit before hitting the red carpet, and constantly repeats “please don’t trip” in her mind. She also revealed that it takes a small army to get her glammed up before a big event. “It takes lots of help – I have a big glam squad. I love playing lots of music too so I can get really into it.”

Sophie Dillman

Sophie Dillman | PHOTO: Supplied by Channel 7 Queensland

House Rules winner Daniella may appear at ease on the red carpet, but wearing 6 inch heels can be daunting. “I’m thinking don’t trip over.” As for getting ready, Daniella told myGC she gets her family to help out. “My sister is a hair and makeup artist so she gets me dolled up while I’m bouncing a baby on my lap.”

Aaron and Daniella

Aaron and Daniella | PHOTO: Supplied by Channel 7 Queensland

Actor Lincoln Lewis has had to walk down a few red carpets in his time, but told myGC they don’t get easier. “The walking part is fine, but when you stand there to get photos I don’t know what to do. I’m awkward. But this year I’ve learned that you should hold your cufflinks.”

Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis | PHOTO: Supplied by Channel 7 Queensland

Channel 7 Sports Reporter Katie Brown told myGC red carpet events aren’t really her thing. “I’m a sports reporter so I have no idea about fashion. I don’t know how I would have put a braid in my hair and got dressed in this gown without a bit of help.”

Katie Brown

Katie Brown | PHOTO: Supplied by Channel 7 Queensland

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