WATCH: Central Station blaze ‘under control’

UPDATE: A MASSIVE fire that broke out inside Central Station in the centre of Sydney this evening has finally been brought under control. (Video below)

The blaze first started in Hungary Jacks on the station’s concourse before spreading to four levels through air-conditioning ducts.

Authorities say upwards of 1,000 people were evacuated from the station while fire crews worked to extinguish the flames which were seen jumping out of the building’s windows.


Train passengers have been warned to expect lengthy delays as emergency services mop up the mess and ensure the scene is safe.

The extent of damage caused by the fire remains unclear.

FIRST: HUNDREDS of people have been evacuated from Sydney’s Central Railway Station after a ferocious fire broke out in a fast food restaurant. (Video below)

The fire is believed to have started in a Hungary Jacks store before spreading through the air-conditioning system.

Video uploaded to social media shows flames and thick smoke billowing out of the building.

Dozens of fire fighters are on scene, attempting to control the blaze.

All train services have reportedly been suspended until further notice.

It remains unclear whether anyone has been injured.

There is no further information available at this time.

WATCH: Fire breaks out at Central Station