WATCH: Be sure to check under your toilet seat for spiders … and SNAKES!

A CHILD who woke up to go to the loo has almost needed a change of underwear after lifting the toilet seat to find a metre-long snake curled up in the ceramic bowl. Scroll down to watch the video!

The brown tree snake had slithered into the family’s Guanaba home in the Gold Coast hinterland and somehow managed to find its way into the bathroom and into the toilet.

Gold Coast reptile wrangler Tony Harrison was called out to catch the slippery serpent on Sunday morning.


Tony said one of the children was “weeing” when they spotted something moving under the lip of the toilet bowl.

Like most of his call outs, Tony filmed the catch on his mobile phone and broadcast it live to Facebook.

With his bare hand, Tony reached into the toilet and started feeling around for the snake, sliding his fingers up and under the edge of the ceramic bowl.

PHOTO: Tony Harrison / Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

Once he locates and grabs hold of the snake, it takes only a few flushes of water and a good tug here and there to pull the entire metre-long reptile out of the unusual hiding spot. See the video below.

“Can you imagine waking up early in the morning, sitting on the toilet and then this [the snake] popping up between your legs?” Tony said.

PHOTO: Tony Harrison / Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

PHOTO: Tony Harrison / Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

Brown tree snakes are venomous but harmless to humans.

They belong to the colubrid family which includes the majority of harmless snake species, but the few venomous types that do exist, such as the brown tree snake, have grooved fangs in the back of their jaw.

Their venom is weak and is only delivered in small doses, primarily to subdue prey such as lizards.

“He [the snake] wouldn’t have come up through the toilet, he would have come into the house and then crawled into there [the toilet] to hide.”

PHOTO: Tony Harrison / Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

For most people, the sight of a snake in their house would be enough to make them hurl, but for professional snake catcher Tony, it was more the contents of the toilet bowl that had him “dry reaching”.

“My phobia is poo,” Tony said. “So uncomfortable it was … I nearly washed my hands off my arms … I dry reached the whole time.”

Tony said it was hard to tell just how long the snake had been hiding under the seat.

It’s not the first time he’s been dispatched to pluck a snake out from under the lip of a ceramic toilet bowl.

Tony told myGC that he has pulled as many as 10 snakes out of household toilets before, some “ten times” the size of the one caught at Guanaba on Sunday.

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