WATCH: Children impacted by family violence to get a sporting chance

Children on the Gold Coast impacted by family and domestic violence will benefit from a new pilot program that allows them to continue to participate in a sporting or recreation activity with all fees and equipment paid for.

The Sporting Chance program, an initiative of community service organisation Momentum Collective will be delivered in partnership with specialist domestic and family violence services on the Gold Coast and participating sporting and recreation clubs.

The activities being offered include: Swimming lessons provided by BLK Performance Centre; Basketball with Gold Coast Basketball; Soccer with Gold Coast Football; Dance lessons with Hy-Fidelity Studio and Martial Arts with International Sports Karate Association.


Momentum Collective CEO Virginia Walker says young people and children impacted by family and domestic violence experience trauma and are often disconnected from their local communities and activities.

“The Sporting Chance program will allow a number of children who have experienced trauma and upheaval as a result of escaping family violence, the opportunity to gain new skills, peer support and boost their confidence and self-esteem,” she said.

“We all understand how important exercise and team sports are for children in general for physical health and well-being. It is particularly important for children who are going through a difficult time. We are grateful for the partnerships we have developed with sports and recreation clubs on the Gold Coast to make sure these young people don’t miss out.”

Learn more about the program in the video below:

BLK Performance Centre Director, Brendan Flynn said BLK Performance Centre’s mission is to get everyone in the local community active and healthy. “We feel privileged to be able to work with Momentum Collective and partners in the Sporting Chance program as we believe everyone should have equal opportunities, and children should not be disadvantaged due to their family situation.”

Joel McInnes, General Manager of Gold Coast Basketball Association said his organisation is extremely proud to support the Sporting Chance initiative. “Rebuilding lives through participation in team sports is an effective step on the path to reconnecting these young children to the community,” he said.

Kyoshi Bill Wakefield, Director of ISKA QLD and owner of Combined Martial Arts Academy said, “We are delighted to be part of the Sporting Chance initiative and we are passionate about ending the cycle of violence on the Gold Coast. We look forward to introducing the children to the many benefits Martial Arts training has to offer, including building their self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Damien Bresik, General Manager of Football Gold Coast said, “As the largest participation sport on the Gold Coast it is imperative that we are involved in this great Momentum Collective initiative. We support the Sporting Chance program and are honoured to be a part of something that will provide a sense of normality for children affected by domestic violence. DV is a terrible blight on our society and this program will give these children the opportunity to mix with their peers in a safe, caring and supportive environment that only sport can deliver.”

Hy-Fidelity Dance Directors Sian Hull and Stacy Marlow said they are proud and excited to be part of the Sporting Chance pilot program on the Gold Coast. “This program has fantastic potential to nurture children who have experienced the trauma of family and domestic violence. It is a chance to introduce them to our dance program and other sporting opportunities and give them a sense of belonging and boost their confidence.”

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