WATCH: Coomera student defies odds to compete in school fun run

Despite his parents being told by doctors he would never walk or talk, 7-year-old Ben Cummins has defied the odds.

Today the Coomera State School student raced alongside his classmates in a school fun run.

At just 8 months old, Ben was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome.


“It affects just about every aspect of his life,” Ben’s dad Steve Cummins told myGC.

“We were informed that Ben would never walk, talk, go to mainstream school – normal life would be out of the realm.

“We didn’t tell Ben that, and today, we are here watching him run in his first fun run.”

As part of the fun run, each student was tasked with raising funds, so Ben set his hopes high to raise enough money for a trampoline.

Steve told myGC Ben smashed his goal of raising $1000 in just three hours.

“Ben doesn’t compete, he just wants to be apart of it, and it’s awesome. What he did do though is raise more funds than any other kid did.”

“People have kept [donating] funds to support Ben and the school – it’s been amazing. He is up around $1800 now.”

See Ben race and learn more about his story in the touching video below: